This month is full of folk dances and Holiday program practice. We are learning to keep the beat as an ensemble through dance. We are also learning to sing in tune, articulate our Holiday song lyrics with our traditional ‘Wide Mouth Frog’ book, earning all of our stars for good learning habits, making friends through kindness, having fun with good sportsmanship and for meeting our learning goals every class period. We have been very productive this month while learning through PLAY.


We have spent the last few weeks learning how to get along in our new music room with new classroom routines, expectations, new sit spots, new instruments, etc… The students have agreed to LEARN, MAKE FRIENDS and HAVE FUN in every music class this year. We have enjoyed singing, name games, tempo tag and several other music activities. We are off to a great start.

Alward’s New Music Room

Welcome to our new music room. During the first week of school we have enjoyed using our gold circle on the floor, filling our 30 closet/cupboards with all kinds of music resources, grabbing our lesson instruments from our fancy instrument carts and showing off our 2 new ukulele carts. We love our new room.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Alward parents for supporting the purchase of 32 ukuleles with a unanimous vote for our Alward music department. Your vote will also include the purchase of a beautifully hand crafted wooden cart, 32 instrument bags and a tuner for daily ‘tune ups’. The ukulele will add great value to our room and musical experiences. We at Alward appreciate everything you do for our school and our little tigers. Thank you again. (We are so excited.)