Music Theme – November

In November, all grades will continue to learn and practice more of their holiday program repertoire.  During this month, students will also have the opportunity to audition for a variety of special parts and learn most of the choreography for each song.  We are getting closer to our December 8th concert.  How exciting!

Music Theme – October

Now that we have organized our classroom environment, secured our new seats and found our beautiful singing voices, it’s time to begin preparing for our Holiday program.  October will be full of steady beat song/game experiences, melody singing high/low activities and Holiday rehearsal.  Don’t worry!  We will also squeeze in fall holiday songs, games and drama activities.  Happy fall.

Light Button Numbers for Practice

Here are the numbers and the song that plays as you will move through the various lights and colors on the light wand.

Ms. Baker’s Group (Mostly 5th Grade and the ‘Green Rows’):

#2 (Fade- O Come, O Come), #3 (White- Lone Ranger), #6 (Blinking Green- Jingle Bells), #5 (Blue- Lone Ranger), #6 (Blinking Green- Jingle Bells), #2 (Fade- O Come, O Come), #3 (White- Lone Ranger), #6 (Blinking Green- Jingle Bells), #1 (Blinking Colors- Ending).

Ms. Stokes’ Group (Mostly 4th Grade and ‘Red Rows’):

#2 (Fade- O Come, O Come), #3 (White- Lone Ranger), #4 (Blinking Red – Jingle Bells), #5 (Blue- Lone Ranger), #4 (Blinking Red- Jingle Bells), #2 (Fade- O Come, O Come), #3 (White- Lone Ranger), #4 (Blinking Red- Jingle Bells), #1 (Blinking Colors- Ending).

Happy Practicing!  (-:

Light Buttons

Valentine’s Fun 2014

Alward music students not only focus on elements of music but also on making friends as well as being polite and kind.  This week, grades K-5 will celebrate each other through the use of several Valentine’s Day songs, partner dances and steady beat tag and chase games.  We are looking forward to our Valentine music lessons.


One of our many Valentine’s Day tag/chase songs is “I WROTE A LETTER”.  Lyrics:  I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it.  A little doggy picked it up and put it in his pocket.  Oh he won’t bite me and he won’t bite you.  He’ll bite the one who’s got it.  So drop it, so drop it.  It must be dropped by now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ms. Baker



4th Grade Flute Recorder Order Form

It is that time of year when all fourth grade students are asked to learn elements of music through the use of the flute recorder.  You may choose to purchase a brand new ($4.00) recorder or you may opt to have your child play a previously used and sanitized recorder.  Below you will find a form that we would like all 4th grade parents to fill out and define the option you choose for your child’s recorder.

Recorder Order Form